Earn upto $100 with Paypal Wishlist app on Facebook!

Paypal Wishlist
Paypal Wishlist

Paypal Wishlist is a list of things that a person wants to buy. It helps in sharing your shopping interests with others and for them to know what all you know…

Paypal has created a new promotion with which you can get free dollars just by creating a wishlist for yourself and referring your friends to it. (more…)

Get invited to the new Orkut!

All New Orkut's Homepage :)

Didn’t get an invite yet to the new Orkut??? Read on to get invited!

The new Orkut is the most buzzed topic right now in the world of Social Networking…so we thought to give you all a chance to get it!

Though I am onto the new Orkut since the last 3 days, I just got the feature to invite others to it today. So, that means I can invite 10 people daily to it! (more…)

I’m on the all new Orkut, it’s simply awesome!

Yo everyone! I just managed to get an invitation to the new Orkut by one of my friend who’s a Orkut volunteer…currently it’s not live, only “Orkut volunteers” or “Orkeeters” have access to it and they can invite people to the new Orkut. Orkut’s new interface will soon roll out to all the profiles :) (more…)

A better torrent search engine is here!

Are you a regular user of torrents? If yes, then read on to know about a great torrent search engine that you’ll love!

At first, what I hate the most about torrents sites is their bugging ads which are there everywhere on the site and most of them are obscene. Up till now, Mininova.org was my favorite torrent search site but even they started showing ads and that too, scrolling ads – can’t get them out of your view! :| (more…)

Seen the Facebook’s TOUCH version?

FB Touch Version on PC
FB Touch Version on PC

Facebook is now Touch-friendly!

Yesterday while browsing Facebook via mobile, I just went at the bottom of the page to sign-out so as to login with anothr account. But, there was something unusual over there – a link “Touch Site“. I wanted to check out what’s different in the touch version of Facebook, so I browsed to it on the Nokia N70, though it wasn’t a touch phone (lol)… (more…)

Why “Twitter is Over Capacity”?

Twitter Over Capacity page
Twitter's Over Capacity page

Why is it so? At least one in five attempts to open a page on Twitter gives me the Over Capacity page shown above. It’s true that Twitter has become very popular in a short span of time with the introduction of micro-blogging. Their APIs are rocking the Web 2.0, you can see them everywhere – on corporate business sites, personal blogs, developer sites, etc., etc. (more…)

Search torrents with Google

Torrent Search Sites? Forget them ‘coz Google is still alive!


Now some might be thinking what the heck has Google got to do with torrents? Let me tell you, Google isn’t a simple search engine…it has got a lot of “hidden” functionality (you should be knowing of it?). It allows you to add strings to your search? terms and customize your search :)

Google also has many attributes which can be applied to your search to get what you want. In this post, to get torrents we will be using the “filetype” attribute. The “filetype” attribute tells Google what sort of file you want, .mp3, .pdf or something else.

Here’s how to get it to use for torrents:

filetype:torrent +”your search terms here

Get a custom profile URL on FaceBook

I joined FaceBook just a few days ago, and noticed that it has got loads of stuff compared to my previous favorite Social Networking Site: Orkut. Then while I was visiting one of my friends profile, I noticed the URL had my friends name at the end “http://www.facebook.com/name“…but mine wasn’t so, it just had some numbers :X

I tried to find out how I could get that sorta URL, I asked that guy how he got it and he said that he has forgotten how he did it and asked me to look for it somewhere in the settings. I hunted every settings page, only to find that there wasn’t any option called “Custom Profile URL“!

At last, went to my best(est) friend Google, and found that FaceBook has started offering Profile URLs with the Usernames at the end, i.e, “http://www.facebook.com/selectedusername“. But I didn’t find a way to get the Username and there wasn’t any “Username” option in the settings too.

Somewhere @ Some Forum, Someone told to visit http://www.facebook.com/username and enter a Username over there, then you would get the Custom URL, if your luck is good.

I did that, at the next step I had to verify my mobile no. to get the Custom URL, and at last I got it!

Now my FB Profile URL is Facebook.com/hakminded :)

Don’t have a Custom FB Profile URL? Get it Here !

Note : You cannot change the username later,so be sure to grab a good one!