View Live CCTV Cams: A Google Hack

What would you think if I say you that you can view the unsecured CCTV Cams from around the world.

This is just simple if you use the Best Hacking Tool.Yes, you’re right if you thought it is Google.

  1. Open and type the following code: inurl:indexFrame.shtml?Axis Video Server?
  2. Search it and you get the results of the unsecured CCTV Cams whixh you can view.
  3. There are some multiple Cams also. And remember, that some Cams can be Zoomed, Rotated or even Turned Off by You! Don’t try it as this can lead you in trouble, penalties and even imprisonment. I’m not actually sure whether its Legal or Illegal.
  4. The CCTV I got was of a Hospital and one of a National Building of USA and of a Beach at Hawaii.
Actually, the indexFrame.shtml is the Main Page of the Axis Video Server. And this hack works with most of the Axis Video Servers. So this hack can be called as a Server hack as the servers are foolish enough to index their whole site including that Page.
Enjoy Live Viewing.
Visit places which you never visited.

Get Serials of Applications via Google

(Please Support the Application Developers, don’t use the cracks for ‘Official Use’ in any Form)

Google, as you know is the most widely used search engine and so it has become so popular and has the largest no. of sites indexed.
Use of Google search for hackers is like a Hacking Tool. In this tutorial you will get to know one of the main uses of Google as a Hacking Tool, searching for Serials in Google. (more…)

Download Youtube Videos Directly

(First of all, Please Bookmark this post for instant access to download videos!)

Everyone who uses Youtube, wonders if he could download videos from Youtube without any struggle for searching and installing softwares.
Now its gonna be really easy!

Just enter the video’s URL below and get the Video.
Thanks to its developers!

Download youtube Video

Login With Multiple ACs on any Site

To do this, you need to have Google Chrome (DOWNLOAD ).

The Google Chrome’s incognito mode does not store cookies or any traces of sites that are visited and the most important for us is that it does not store cookies! So you can Open Multiple Acs that is one in normal Window and Other in Incognito Window.
The Alternate way for opening multiple Acs at once is using multiple Browsers (I use Chrome and Firefox!).

Download Youtube Videos without installing any software

Youtube is the best site to watch videos on the web.Downloading videos from Youtube is really simple. There are sites which allow you to download videos from Youtube without any difficulty, just by inputting video URL.

Some sites are given below:

Vixy allows downloading youtube videos in many formats. It allows you to download YouTube’s video to AVI/MOV/MP4/MP3/3GP file format online. It has very handy options to download videos in various formats required for Personal Computers, MP3 Players, iPODs and mobile phones. To download the video go to, enter the URL of your favorite youtube video and select the download format. Click on start to download.

This is one the easiest and my favorite site to download Youtube videos as flv files. When you are watching a video, just add the word “kiss” to the browser URL and press enter. For example if you are watching a video at, you need to add the word kiss in the begging of the URL[] in your browser address bar and press enter. A link to download the video as FLV movie file. The FLV movie can be played back by many free FLV Players available on the net[Click here to download free FLV Player]

100% Working Proxy Lists

Censorship in your country?
Try the proxies below. By now most of them would have been blocked in your country.
Note:To start a blocked proxy try adding ‘s’ to http in the proxy’s URL.
For example if the proxy is blocked, try .