DOS Commands List: All Commands

Do you know complete DOS Commands? Or Wanna know it? Get this list and save it, as its important for HacKinG. List starts here: ADDUSERS Add or list users to/from a CSV file ARP Address Resolution Protocol ASSOC Change file extension associations ASSOCIAT One step file association AT Schedule a command to run at a […]

View Live CCTV Cams: A Google Hack

What would you think if I say you that you can view the unsecured CCTV Cams from around the world. This is just simple if you use the Best Hacking Tool.Yes, you’re right if you thought it is Google. Open and type the following code: inurl:indexFrame.shtml?Axis Video Server? Search it and you get the […]

Get Serials of Applications via Google

(Please Support the Application Developers, don’t use the cracks for ‘Official Use’ in any Form) Google, as you know is the most widely used search engine and so it has become so popular and has the largest no. of sites indexed. Use of Google search for hackers is like a Hacking Tool. In this tutorial […]

Speed up your Shutdown

For the ones who’re really bored of the time it takes to Shutdown, the following hack is for them. When you shutdown your PC, Windows waits for sometime giving the running applications, time to exit by themselves before killing the process directly.The time it waits is the value of the WaitToKillServiceTimeout. By default, it is […]

Download Youtube Videos Directly

(First of all, Please Bookmark this post for instant access to download videos!) Everyone who uses Youtube, wonders if he could download videos from Youtube without any struggle for searching and installing softwares. Now its gonna be really easy! Just enter the video’s URL below and get the Video. Thanks to its developers!

Convert a Trial into Fullversion

I am always searching the net for good softwares and when I find them, they all are Trial Versions. So a Trial? Means 30 Days or less. I started thinking….I found out that a trial software records its date of installation in a file in its folder and counts days. So if after the trial […]

Login With Multiple ACs on any Site

To do this, you need to have Google Chrome (DOWNLOAD ). The Google Chrome’s incognito mode does not store cookies or any traces of sites that are visited and the most important for us is that it does not store cookies! So you can Open Multiple Acs that is one in normal Window and Other in […]

Make your Desktop Dissapear!

Now there’s no need to restart your computer when the screen hangs up; after reading this article. When you run too many applications and mostly when you extract deep compressed files, your system gets slow and takes too much time to do a process and also sometimes, the system becomes non responsive. What you should […]