Crack Windows Xp Admin Password

Have you locked your computer and lost the Admin Pass.? Or do you want to access a computer that is Pass. Protected? There are many softwares on the net called “Pass. Recovery Softwares” which can help you to crack these passwords and get the admin Passwords. Most easy and reliable one is given below. PcLoginNow:PCLoginNow […]

Minimize any Application Window to System Tray

Very few applications like Microsoft Outlook, MSN Messenger and anti virus scanners have the built in support of minimizing the application windows to System Tray(the extreme right side of windows task bar). But luckily for rest of the application there is Trayit. Trayit Application allows you to save windows task bar space by placing the […]

Download Youtube Videos without installing any software

Youtube is the best site to watch videos on the web.Downloading videos from Youtube is really simple. There are sites which allow you to download videos from Youtube without any difficulty, just by inputting video URL. Some sites are given below: Vixy allows downloading youtube videos in many formats. It allows you to download […]

Windows XP Shortcuts:For a smart user!

Its so much time waste to do everything in the way it is said to be done! Take shortcuts and speed up your comp and time you take to do taska on it. General keyboard shortcuts ? CTRL+C (Copy) ? CTRL+X (Cut) ? CTRL+V (Paste) ? CTRL+Z (Undo) ? DELETE (Delete) ? SHIFT+DELETE (Delete the […]

USB as RAM in Windiws Vista!

Windows Vista has a useful feature called ReadyBoost that can use your USB as memory.But, the problem with it is that Vista does not take up the slower USB sticks in the market. To break through this limitation, here is a easy four step tutorial: 1.Get the stuff ready Plugin your USB drive (disable autoplay feature […]

Bluetooth Intrusion

(Note: The below Article does not belong to me, so use it on your own risk!) A tutorial I wrote a long time back for neworder group :-) The fundamentals of Bluetooth Security still remain same. Read on This manual aims at enabling all people know the Pandora?s box in their very own pocket and […]

100% Working Proxy Lists

Censorship in your country? Try the proxies below. By now most of them would have been blocked in your country. Note:To start a blocked proxy try adding ‘s’ to http in the proxy’s URL. For example if the proxy is blocked, try .

Change your Recycle Bin’s Name

When you personalize your desktop, the Recycle Bin looks odd, dont you think so? So here’s a small registry hack to change the recycle bin’s name: To change the name of recycle bin or rename recycle bin in Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows Me, Windows 98 or Windows 95, just edit a registry […]