Get System Info using Command Prompt

How well do you know your system?
Do you know what is your OS’s version, System Model, System Type (x64 or x86), Processor(s) etc.?

It’s not so easy to get such infos…but you can get it easily using CMD (Command Prompt).

Go to “Run” (Windows Key + R) and type “cmd.exe” and hit “Enter“. This will pop-up “Command Prompt” window.
In Command Prompt, type “systeminfo” and hit “Enter“.
After sometime, you would see extended/advanced info of your System.

These infos are very useful, if you want, you can store it in a text file by entering the following line in Command Prompt:
systeminfo >D:\systeminfo.txt

In the above command, the “>” arrow tells Command Prompt to write the output to “systeminfo.txt” in the location “D:\” .?You can also replace the file’s name and the location where you want your file to be.