Direct Navigation Traffic

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Get high-quality Traffic via Direct Navigation Marketing
Get high-quality Traffic via Direct Navigation Marketing

Direct Navigation is a way of browsing on the usenet, where the users reach the site they are looking for, without the help of search engines or links from other directories or pages. Direct Navigation traffic is also called type-in traffic as the users type the term in the address bar followed by a “.com” which takes them to the relevant site. Those domains which the users type-in, which redirects them to the relevant sites are known as “generic domains”.

If you’re? a site owner, then Direct Navigation traffic is what you must be looking for! It will give you targeted, high-quality traffic for your site…This traffic tends to convert visits much better into sales or paying customers!

There are many Direct Navigation Marketers out there, but the one that I found good was Elephant Traffic

Elephant Traffic is a marketplace where the domianers -? the ones who own generic domains, & the advertisers – the ones who want traffic via the domainers’ domain meet.
The advertiser can search for generic domains relevant to their site and contact the domainer to redirect it to their site, and the domainers get money from the advertisers for the same!