Bypass MegaUpload Download Limits

MegaUploadIt was a good evening & I had planned to download some cool stuff. I got the download links and started downloading the files, the files were hosted on Downloaded two files and then came the number of third one, tried to download it and got a message that my download limit has exceeded or else I had to wait for some additional time to the default waiting time (45 seconds).

This seemed very annoying to me, and I wanted to download the files somehow without waiting for a long time. After thinking for a some time, an idea came up in my mind. It was “cookies” (not the cookies you eat :P), the browser cookies!

Every site uses cookies to store specific data on your computer, and so is the case with It stores the download data in the cookies, so when you visit Megaupload for another download, it check for the cookies…if it finds that you have downloaded several files in the past time, you’ll have to wait for some extra time…

And if you clear those cookies, Megaupload would think that you haven’t downloaded files in the past time and you would have to wait the default 45 seconds.

Here are the steps:

  1. After downloading one or two files, go to the download link of the third file. Don’t enter the code and don’t start the download.
  2. Now go to” Tools->Options…” in the Menubar. Switch to the “Privacy” tab in the “Options” window.
  3. In “Privacy” tab, under the subheading “Cookies”, click on “Show Cookies…”.
  4. A window would pop-up with the title “Cookies”, there would be a search box in that window. In that search box, type “”.
  5. This will filter all the cookies and bring up the cookies which are from MegaUpload. Then, select all those MegaUpload cookies using shift, and press the “Remove Cookies” option at the bottom.
  6. Then refresh the download page and start the download.
  7. Repeat these steps to continue downloading more file. :)

Download MP4 Videos directly from Youtube

Youtube is the best entertainment portal on the net. It has a vast collection of videos and more videos than any other video site on the net. Everyone who has ever visited Youtube would have wondered, “Can I download this videos?” and must have tried up many ways an would have got disappointed or would have been succeeded in getting .flv videos.

I was able to download videos in flv format but it was a disaster and time-waste for me to convert them to mp4 and moreover I was not satisfied with the video quality of the converts.

Now I’ve found a way with which I can download .mp4 videos directly from Youtube. I’ll be telling of it to you all in this post…


  1. Internet Download Manager (Click here to download) or Orbit Downloader (Click here to download).
  2. Internet Connection:)


  1. Install Internet Download Manager (IDM) or any other relevant.
  2. Go to and watch the video.
  3. Add &fmt=18 to the URL of the video (without any gap or space). Example:
  4. After adding it would look like:
  5. Then download the video with IDM or whatever software you had installed. You will see that it comes in MP4 format.

The secret of this is that recently Youtube was doing some tests with its videos. It started providing the videos in HQ by adding links saying “Watch this video in High Quality”. What this link does is that it adds &fmt=6 to the URL of the video.

Other codes which can be used are:

  • &fmt=6 (normal HQ)
  • &fmt=12 (better than before)
  • &fmt=16 (clode to MP4)
  • &fmt=18(outputs the MP4 file of the video instead of FLV, thus giving MP4 quality)
  • &fmt=22(highest quality, somewhat more HQ than MP4 and more advanced)