Facebook Directory

Facebook Directory | Find People on Facebook

Do you know about the Facebook People Directory? Facebook is no doubt the website with most number of users. Who knows if you really by chance find someone you knew long back? This is made possible by the Facebook Directory. I recently came across the “Directory” link at the bottom of the page while I was browsing a random profile while not being logged into FB. This link took me to a page where you can find all the users that are currently there on Facebook, by their Name!

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Facebook's new layout

Seen FB’s new “simplified” layout?

Facebook has recently “simplified” its look, and yes its really simple from what it was before – complicated. I had invited a few Orkut users to Facebook, they joined it and then were not active at all on FB. I asked them for the reason for being inactive and they said that FB is complicated and difficult to understand, and Orkut is much simpler and easy to use :)

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FB Touch Version on PC

Seen the Facebook’s TOUCH version?

Facebook is now Touch-friendly!

Yesterday while browsing Facebook via mobile, I just went at the bottom of the page to sign-out so as to login with anothr account. But, there was something unusual over there – a link “Touch Site”. I wanted to check out what’s different in the touch version of Facebook, so I browsed to it on the Nokia N70, though it wasn’t a touch phone (lol)…

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Get a custom profile URL on FaceBook

I joined FaceBook just a few days ago, and noticed that it has got loads of stuff compared to my previous favorite Social Networking Site: Orkut. Then while I was visiting one of my friends profile, I noticed the URL had my friends name at the end “http://www.facebook.com/name“…but mine wasn’t so, it just had some numbers :X

I tried to find out how I could get that sorta URL, I asked that guy how he got it and he said that he has forgotten how he did it and asked me to look for it somewhere in the settings. I hunted every settings page, only to find that there wasn’t any option called “Custom Profile URL“!

At last, went to my best(est) friend Google, and found that FaceBook has started offering Profile URLs with the Usernames at the end, i.e, “http://www.facebook.com/selectedusername“. But I didn’t find a way to get the Username and there wasn’t any “Username” option in the settings too.

Somewhere @ Some Forum, Someone told to visit http://www.facebook.com/username and enter a Username over there, then you would get the Custom URL, if your luck is good.

I did that, at the next step I had to verify my mobile no. to get the Custom URL, and at last I got it!

Now my FB Profile URL is Facebook.com/hakminded :)

Don’t have a Custom FB Profile URL? Get it Here !

Note : You cannot change the username later,so be sure to grab a good one!

Type A-Z finished in just 0.0 seconds!

Hack “How Fast Can You Type A-Z?” on Facebook!

Hey there, Here’s the stuff that you might really like if you’re on Facebook!

A small cheat/hack that I thought of when a friend of mine challenged me to beat him the application “How Fast Can You Type A-Z?”…I thought I could use some script to send keystrokes to the application and make a cool record and defeat my friend :P Continue reading