3 Uncommon Internet Errors | Error 103, 104, 105

Error 103?104? 105? or 404?
Are you suffering from any of these errors?

Error 103: This error occurs when your computer or router is not able to find the internet connection. This error usually results by fault in the settings of the modem/router, and is the most popular error on DLink Modems and Routers.


  1. Try “https” instead of “http” in the URLs.
  2. Make sure your router or modem is configured correctly and your firewall is not blocking your internet connections.
  3. Reset your modem or router, and reconfigure it properly.

Error 104: Also appears as Error 104(ERR_CONNECTION_FAILED). This error occurs when your computer is not able to establish a connection to the server.


  1. Check if your internet connection/gateway connection is connected.
  2. Use a proxy server in your router.
  3. Take help of your ISP.

Error 105: This error occurs when the TCP connection to the server times out. This error occurs when there’s a big load on your network, your speed is too slow or your server is down.


  1. Check if your LAN is overloaded.
  2. Restart your router or modem.
  3. Reconfigure your router modem.