Yahoo: Unlimited BUZZ (Exploit)

Has anyone noticed how many times can you BUZZ/DING someone continously? The answer is once in 5-7 seconds…you can’t press the BUZZ button more than once in 5-7 seconds. (Try it now)

This is for preventing users to flood others with BUZZs which would disturb them if they are busy. But there’s an exploit for this feature it allows a user to BUZZ another user without any limitation.

Very useful if someone dosen’t respond to your chats[:P]. I found this exploit when I was chatting with one of my friend, and I had entered a message which I later realized, was a code in Yahoo Messenger.
The Message was: <DING>

Like other codes which poped up smileys, this code(<DING>) was the code for giving BUZZs. And this code can be used to overcome the BUZZ limitation.

You cant send more than one BUZZ in 5-7 seconds using the BUZZ button, but can use this code to give unlimited BUZZs.

Using this exploit, you can fry up the brain of the one who dosen’t reply back to you. Just Copy the code, paste it and enter, then carry on the paste and enter again-and-agian till the user responds to your messages…!