How to Install Apps with Expired Certificate on Nokia Devices

Expired Certificate Error
Expired Certificate Error

Encountering installation errors such as “Unsigned Application” or “Expired Certificate” isn’t something new for Nokia Users. While the Unsigned Application error can be patched by using third-party private keys with singing applications, there’s a relatively easier path to tackle Expired Certificate error. (more…)

How to Send Protected Files on Nokia Smartphones

“Unable to send protected object”

Unable to send protected object

This is the error that you would have probably come across, while trying to send specific files through the default File Manager that comes with Nokia mobile phones. This is the reason why people prefer to install 3rd party applications like FExplorer, FileMan, etc. But what if you don’t have any of them and want to send a protected file urgently? (more…)

How to Update the Firmware of Nokia Phones

Firmware is the root software of? a device, just like the Operating System on computers. Keeping your phone up-to-date, with the latest firmware is what keeps your phone lively! Nokia releases many firmware updates with bug-fixes, extra features or just improved versions. If you have the latest firmware installed on your Nokia gadget, you can be sure to have access to the latest softwares that come into existence and the most latest features that roll out! (more…)

Clear Installation Logs of Nokia S60 Phones

Ever heard of it before? S60 phones’ installer logs the installations i.e., when an app was installed or uninstalled, into a log file…


You can view the log by going to “Application Manager->Options->View Log”…surprized huh? When I saw this log for the first time, I thought to clear the mess over there. But, there wasn’t any “Clear Log” option in the menu :|

I thought to have some fun, clearing it manually using FExplorer (My favorite file manager). I used to browse system files and look at the structure of the stored system files whenever I was free with my mobile, with nothing to do…and from this, I had a good idea where I would find the log file (I also knew that logs are stored with a “.log” extension) of the installation.

I headed up to “C:\System” and looked for any folder that would hold that .log, then I browsed to “C:\System\Install\” and found “install.log”. I deleted it and refreshed the Application Manager & viewed the log file, which said “(no data)” :D

That’s how I hacked the installation log on my Nokia N70 :) (not sure of it is the same for other S60 mobiles)