Get invited to the new Orkut!

All New Orkut's Homepage :)

Didn’t get an invite yet to the new Orkut??? Read on to get invited!

The new Orkut is the most buzzed topic right now in the world of Social Networking…so we thought to give you all a chance to get it!

Though I am onto the new Orkut since the last 3 days, I just got the feature to invite others to it today. So, that means I can invite 10 people daily to it! (more…)

I’m on the all new Orkut, it’s simply awesome!

Yo everyone! I just managed to get an invitation to the new Orkut by one of my friend who’s a Orkut volunteer…currently it’s not live, only “Orkut volunteers” or “Orkeeters” have access to it and they can invite people to the new Orkut. Orkut’s new interface will soon roll out to all the profiles :) (more…)