XAMPP: The Ultimate Web Development Tool

XAMPPSetting up a Apache Server is not an easy job…and it can take up a lot of brain if you have to use languages such as PHP or Perl on your Apache Server. XAMPP is the solution for Web Developers who want a Local Web Server, which they can use even without access to Internet…

My Story

I came to know about XAMPP through a friend of mine, who is a Web Developer. He insisted me to use XAMPP for testing PHP scripts and trying out new things on Hacker’s Lane, on the Local Web Server. At first I thought it would be a mess and I won’t be able to install a Local Web Server for developing things. Later I realized that it was a very easy job to install a Web Server using XAMPP & now, I am using XAMPP and I’ve to say, its Awesome!

What is XAMPP?

XAMPP is a free, open source , cross-platform web server package develped by Apache Friends. It mainly consists of Apache Web (HTTP) Server & MySQL Database. XAMPP also supports PHP and Perl, it has interpreters for scripts written in those languages.

What does XAMPP mean?

XAMPP is an acronym for: X=cross-platform, A=Apache HTTP server, M=MySQL, P=PHP, P=Perl.

What are its uses?

It’s used to serve Dynamic Pages. XAMPP is mainly used for Web Development Projects. Amazingly, XAMPP is sometimes also used to serve Dynamic Pages on the WWW.

XAMPP can also be used for creating and manipulating MySQL Databases.

Thats it for now, in my further posts, I would be posting on how to install, configure and use XAMPP as a Local Web Server on your PC. (Subscribe to RSS to be informed about the upcoming posts…)