How to Upgrade Ubuntu 10.10 to 11.04 Natty Narwhal Beta 1

Ubuntu’s latest release 11.04, nick-named Natty Narwhal was made available on 3rd April. The major changes are the implementation of Unity, replacing GNOME. The new interface is more attractive and easy-to-use. OpenOffice is replaced with LibreOffice in this version and the default music player is no more RhythmBox. Banshee Player has taken RhythmBox’s position. Firefox 4.0 is the default browser. (more…)

A Complete Guide for Switching to Ubuntu

What is Ubuntu?

Ubuntu is one of the cleanest and most widely used Linux distribution, well-suited for average users. You don’t need to be a labeled Geek to install and use Ubuntu. It’s quite easy to get along with it – you would love it from the first sight!

Ubuntu Desktop
Ubuntu Desktop


Below is an easy tutorial that’ll help you to install Ubuntu on your PC. Before you move on, it’s recommended that you go through the official system requirements. (more…)