Make VOIP Calls using Internet Telephone on Nokia Devices

VOIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol enables you to make phone calls over the net. We can see that more and more people everyday are replacing their regular calls with VOIP calls due to extremely cheap call rates, especially for international calls. Nowadays, even mobile phones are coming with in-built VOIP features so that you can easily set them up and start using it right away!

Internet Call option on E63
Internet Call option on E63


Call for FREE to over 40 Countries

Yeah, now its possible to call for free over the net to over 40 countries, including India, China, US & Canada…!

While browsing the WWW, I came through a VOIP service called TuiTalk, which allows users to call for free to over 40? countries. (Click here to see the listed countries)

TuiTalk gives 6 free calling minutes to its users per day, these minutes are automatically added everyday to the user’s account. TuiTalk provides its users with free calling minutes for watching advertisements which are automatically displayed when a call is being made.

TuiTalk has recently released TuiTalk Mobile for its Mobile Users. The TuiTalk Mobile currently supports Windows Mobile and iPhone.

Click here to start talking for FREE