ISRO’s Bhuvan vs Google Earth


The India Space Research Organisation has done a lot for the advancements of Space Research & Administration in India. ISRO created history by the launch of Chandrayaan. And it has established two main Space Systems: INSAT & IRS & has developed two satellite launch vehicles PSLV & GSLV to place INSAT and the IRS satellites in the required orbits.

Now, ISRO is up with Bhuvan to compete with Google Earth. “Bhuvan” is a sanskrit word meaning “Earth”. Bhuvan will provide services similiar to Google Earth & Wikimapia, but it will be confined only within India.

Bhuvan has some special features which sets it aside from Google Earth & Wikimapia. It will have a better zooming efficiency, multilayer viewing technology, and it will update its data yearly unlike Google Earth & Wikimapia which update their data in 4 years. Using the multilayer technology, we can see data from the past dates also!

According to a article at TOI:

Bhuvan allows you to zoom far closer than the aerial view from a chopper. If Google Earth shows details upto 200 meters distance and Wikimapia upto 50 meters, Bhuvan will show images upto 10 meters, which means you can easily see details upto a? three floor high building and also add information.

And the last fact, ISRO’s Bhuvan will be using indian satellites.

Here’s a table of comparison of Google Earth & Bhuvan from Wikipedia:

Feature Google Earth Bhuvan
Max Zoom 200m 10m
Layer Single Multi
Update Frequency 4 yrs 1 yr
View Viewing from only one date. Options for viewing from different dates.
Source (Satellite) Commercial/International Indian
Imagery World World

I hope to see this ISRO’s new innovation go live soon. :)