WLAN Security

Wireless Security is very important for WLANs. Further, if your WLAN is insecured, then someone can easily destroy your PC, play with your Privacy and/or Get confidential info that is stored on your PC.

The first step in the process of securing of WLAN is password Protecting it. The main options for password protection are:

  • WEP
  • WPA
  • WPA2

I recommend you to use the WPA2 as it uses the latest encryption technology and is more secure than the others. WEP and WPA passwords can be cracked by using certain cracking tools such as Aircrack-ng, Airsnort, etc.

Then you need to choose a safe password. After doing that there are some other steps you need to follow to make your WLAN hackproof.

They are:

  1. Turn off? “File & Printer Sharing” if you don’t require it. If you require it then make sure to password-protect the shared drives/folders/files (Read my post for further info: ‘File & Printer Sharing ‘ Exploit-Protection or if you want to know the harms of ‘File & Printer Sharing’ Exploit then Click Here.)
  2. If your WLAN is not a hotspot & is used for Private Purposes then restrict users using MAC Addresses. You can specify which MAC Addresses can connect to the WLAN in your router settings.
  3. The best way to secure your network ( not WLAN) is by securing your IP. You can use softwares such as Anonymizer to hide your IP. This step will ensure that you are 75% protected from HacKeRs.
  4. You can further securify your WLAN by disabling the SSID (service set identifier) broadast.
  5. Download tools such as Airmagnet and spoofers to check you own network for vulnerabilities.